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Open Class

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Culinary Arts - Baked Goods
  • Quick Breads
  • Breads, Yeast and Sourdough
  • Gluten-Free Bread
  • Cakes
  • Gluten-Free Cake
  • Cookies
  • Gluten-Free Cookie
Culinary Arts - Food Preservation
  • Canned Products
  • Pickled Products
  • Jellies, Jams, Preserves
  • Dried Products
Culinary Arts - Candy

Visual Arts - Photography

Visual Arts - Fine Arts

Fiber Arts - Quilts
  • Hand Quilted Large
  • Machine Quilted Large
  • Hand Quilted Small
  • Machine Quilted Small
  • Hand Quilted Duet
  • Machine Quilted Duet
  • Hand Quilted Duet Small
  • Machine Quilted Duet Small
  • Wall Art Quilt Large
  • Machine Quilted
  • Miscellaneous Quilts

Exhibitor Rules and Information

  • Donna Hanlon
  • Ellie Reiser

1. Exhibitors of any age may live in any Colorado county.
2. Youth exhibitors do not have to be enrolled in 4-H.
3. 4-H Youth exhibitors are eligible and encouraged to enter in Open Class as well as 4-H.
4. All articles entered must be entered in the name of the person who made it.
5. Entries must have been completed after July 31, 2020.
6. Items exhibited in a previous Arapahoe County Fair may not be shown in this year’s fair.
7. Label all items with full name.
8. Items may not be entered if there is not a class for them.
9. There is a limit of two entries per class by an individual. No exceptions.
10. Classes are divided into two age divisions except for Fine Arts.
a) Juniors: Age 18 and under, as of Dec. 31, 2019
b) Seniors: Age 19 and up as of Dec. 31, 2019
11. The use of marijuana in any display, food item, or exhibit is prohibited and shall be rejected.
12. Management will use all possible care to ensure the safety of all exhibits, exhibitors and the people attending the Fair. Under no circumstances will Arapahoe County, the Extension Office, Fair Planning Committee or any individual assisting with the Fair be held responsible in any way for any loss, injury, or damage to, occasioned by, or arising from any animal or article on exhibit, or for any accident or injury to any person exhibiting, assisting with, or attending this Fair.
13. Please consult this book for information regarding rules and regulations in each Division.


Pre-Entry for Living Arts is strongly recommended.
Exhibit description is required on temporary exhibit tag and on entry form.
Entry forms/work sheets for Open Class Living Arts are on page 24 and also online at arapahoecountyfair.com/competitions.
Entries and the $1.00 pre-entry fee per exhibit are due by 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 17, 2020 by mail or online. Please see instructions below.
Pre-Entry may be done two ways:
1. By mail or delivery to:
CSU Extension – Arapahoe County
6934 S Lima St. - Suite B
Centennial, CO 80112
a. Mailed pre-entry forms must be postmarked Wednesday, July 10 and received by July 17, 2020.
b. When pre-entering by mail make checks payable to “Arapahoe County Extension Fund”, and attach to pre-entry form and mail or deliver to Extension office. Faxed or e-mail pre-entries are not accepted.
2. Online at “ArapahoeCounty.fairentry.com”. Exhibitors entering online for the first time or exhibitors who did not keep their password from the last fair will need to create their own password/ID.
a. When entering online, fees can be paid either by credit card or check.
b. If not using a credit card, make check payable to “Arapahoe County Extension Fund” for all fees. Print detailed invoice from online system and mail with check to:
CSU Extension – Arapahoe County
6934 S Lima St. - Suite B
Centennial, CO 80112
c. Check, copy of invoice and pre-entry forms must be postmarked by Wednesday, July 10 and received July 17, 2020.
3. No refunds or class substitutions allowed with pre-entry.
4. For help with computer pre-entry, call Jean at 303-730-1920.

  • Exhibits should be delivered during the following times:Monday, July 22, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 4 - 7 p.m. or Tuesday, July 23, 8 – 10 a.m.
  • Deliver to: Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, Main Hall, 25690 E. Quincy Ave., Aurora
  • Walk-in entries are welcome. If you have not submitted a pre-entry form, you will need to submit the completed entry form (page 17), completed exhibit entry tags(s) and $2 walk-in entry fee per exhibit.
  • Pre-entered exhibits will be received and considered paid in full.
  • In order to speed up exhibit entry at the fair, please complete the exhibit entry tag for your exhibit prior to arriving at the fair. This form is on page 42 and may be copied. It is also online at ArapahoeCountyFair.com under Competitions. This will speed up the entry process.
  • Entries will not be accepted after 10 a.m., July 23. No exceptions.
  • Allow time to complete your paper work so that the entry process is complete by 10:00 a.m.
  • Superintendents can assist exhibitors in determining the correct class for an item, however, it is ultimately the exhibitor’s responsibility to enter their exhibits in the correct class.

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Fiber Arts - Knitting

Fiber Arts - Crochet

Fiber Arts - Other
  • Felted Items
  • Novelty Woven Items
  • Weaving
  • Garmet
  • Braided Fabric Rug
  • Spun Yarn
  • Traditional Hooked Rug
Fiber Arts - Needle Arts

Skilled Arts - Leathercraft
  • Leather Kit Item
  • Leather Stamping
  • Leather Craving/Tooling
Skilled Arts - Homemade Soap and Lotions

Skilled Arts - Woodworking
  • Wood Carving
  • Wood Turning
  • General Woodworking
  • Furniture


  • Living Arts judging will begin at 1 p.m., Tuesday, July 23, 2020 in the Exhibition and Main Halls. Judging is open to the public.
  • Judges’ comments are informative and educational.
  • Visiting with judges, officials and volunteers during judging is not allowed.
  • All exhibits must remain on display until release time at 6 p.m., Sunday, July 28, 2020. Exhibitors will receive a release ticket granting them limited access to the Fairgrounds to pick up their entry.
  • Food exhibits not picked up by 7 p.m. will be disposed of by the Fair management.
  • If you cannot pick up your exhibits on Sunday, July 28, 2020, please make arrangements to have someone pick them up for you. Fair staff and volunteers are not responsible for exhibits not picked up.
  • Exhibits not picked up will be kept at the Fairgrounds for one week after the fair, and then taken to the Extension Office unless other arrangements have been made.

1. The American Placing System is used in Open Class (judges choose one first, one second and one third place in each class.)
2. However, the judges reserve the option to withhold ribbons and awards in a class where there is no deserving entry. The decision of the judges is final.
3. Classes may be combined, divided, exhibits moved to the appropriate class, or not entered at the discretion of the superintendents and/or the judge in all Divisions.
4. In classes with only one entry, the award will be based on merit.
5. Cash premiums for the top three ranked exhibitors in all Open Class classes are:
1st $3 Blue Ribbon
2nd $2 Red Ribbon
3rd $1 White Ribbon
6. Overall Sweepstakes Ribbons: There will be one Junior and one Senior Overall Sweepstakes ribbon. This award is based on the combined number of blue ribbons received by an exhibitor in Culinary Arts, Visual Arts, Fiber Arts and Creative Skilled Arts. Additional ribbons will be calculated to break any ties.
7. Overall Judge’s Choice Ribbons: There will be one Overall Junior and one Overall Senior Judge’s Choice Award in each of the divisions listed: Photography, Fine Arts, Baked Goods, Food Preservation, Creative Skilled Arts, Quilts and all Other Fiber Arts.
This award is based on the best Junior and best Senior blue ribbon entry in each of the areas listed above and will be chosen by the judges.
8. People’s Choice Ribbons: Only one Senior and one Junior People’s Choice Ribbon award will be given in Open Class Living Arts. Voting will begin Thursday, July 25 and end Saturday, July 27. These awards will be posted on Sunday, July 28, 2020.
9. Premium payments will be mailed to all exhibitors receiving blue, red or white ribbons.
10. Premium checks must be cashed by December 31, 2020 and will not be re-issued if not cashed by that date.


1. The decision of the judge is not eligible for protest.
2. Under no circumstances shall any superintendent or Fair official be treated disrespectfully. If any question arises concerning the decision of a superintendent, such protest shall be brought to the attention of the Fair Planning Committee.
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