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Public Competitions

Best In Show

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From home grown and home harvested to home cooked and home hobbies and crafts, this is your time to shine. Enter your creation(s) in Public Competitions (formally known as Open Class) at the Arapahoe County Fair. Young or seasoned, local or from afar, anyone can enter.

Competitions are open to all who seek to bring their creations for judging to secure coveted Blue Ribbon winning entry – and bragging rights, of course. Divisions include: 18 and under and 19 and older.

From classic contest divisions and special contests, to unique categories that bring out the edge in live competitions.

Winners take home ribbons and cash premiums…and don’t forget, bragging rights. Entries on display throughout the Fair.

Check out the fair book below and mark your calendars to register in June.

For more information, contact the CSU Extension Office at 303-730-1920.

Live Competitions

Seize the moment at the Fair by jumping in for a live on-site competition. Have fun and secure bragging rights. No need to pre-register, just show up before the contest begins. Most contests are free.

  • Pie Eating ($1 entry fee)
  • Longest Potato Peel
  • Decorated Cookie
  • Fastest Fingers in the West (Speed Knitting and Crochet)

The Fair Schedule shows dates/times for these fun contests!

Best In Show Categories

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The general categories are listed below. Please refer to the Public Competition Fair Book for more extensive details.

Home Hobbies & Crafts

Home Cooked
Visual Arts
Fiber Arts
Skilled Arts

Home Harvested


Home Grown


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