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2022 Fair Vendor Application

Thank you for considering Arapahoe County Fair as a part of your vendor schedule in 2022. If you have any questions about the event please reach out to Lexy Kingsbaker at Lkingsbaker@arapahoegov.com

Booth Prices:
  • $300 - Non Profit Business (501c3 copy is provided with the application)
  • $350 - Home Based Business - This type of business does not have a store front but is run out of your home
  • $450 - Commercial Business - This business has commercial building where customers can shop or a service is provided
  • $550 - Corporate Business - Nation wide business

**The prices above include a 10x10 exhibitor space, 2 exhibitor badges (additional passes may be purchased at the front gate for $5).

**Please note that all vendors who fill out this application are not guaranteed a spot in the Fair. You will be notified if your application has been accepted or denied.

Contact Information

Company Information

Vendor Booth Options

Food Vendors: If you are planning on selling food or drinks of any kind please email Lkingsbaker@arapahoegov.com before completing this application.
Vendor Booth Options For Sale
Non-Profit Vendor Booth
Homebased Business
Commerical Business
Corporate Business
Additional Space
Every additional 10' of space will cost an additional $100
Upload a picture of your booth below.
Please sign up for access to electricity now. By adding the number of house outlets in the space below. Vendors cannot add electrical access on site. If you have questions please reach out to Lexy at lkingsbaker@arapahoegov.com.
Electrical Outlets available for purchase only
20amp Outlet (standard house outlet)
All vendors of the Arapahoe County Fair must submit insurance to lkingsbaker@arapahoegov.com by June 1.

The submitted insurance must include: Commerical General Liability insurance with minimum combined single limits of one million dollars ($1,000,000) each occurrence and one million dollars ($1,000,000) aggregate. The required commercial general liability shall be endorsed to include Arapahoe County as Certificate Holder and name Arapahoe County and its elected officials, officers, employees and agents as additionally insured.

Additionally insured party:
Arapahoe County
25690 E. Quincy Ave. Aurora, CO 80016.

If you do not have insurance you can purchase it at, www.actinsurance.com
Please upload a copy of your insurance below
If you do not have insurance now please email to lkingsbaker@arapahoegov.com at your earliest convenience and no later than June 1.
Vendor Terms and Conditions
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